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Aries Hybrid Eclipse 2023

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

ARIES NEW MOON/BLUE MOON ECLIPSE APRIL 20TH 2023 Eclipses happen 4 to 6 times a year. They occur in a series, so over a 2–3-year period there will be eclipses happening on opposite axis of the Zodiac wheel. This causes major changes on all levels of society and personally. You can see these themes in the news, and within your community and within the walls of your own house. When you have a personal birth chart you can hone-in the energy even further to find out where exactly this energy will be hitting you personally. This eclipse is the first in the series of ARIES/LIBRA eclipses that start on April 20th and run until 2025. We are just leaving the TAURUS/SCORPIO eclipses which rule government money and income, debt and savings, so for the last 2 years that has definitely been the global theme, money/debt/cost of living/housing/interest rates…so now we move into ARIES/LIBRA series which is the god of war and the “I am” independent leader ARIES vs the scales of justice and peace-keeper LIBRA. This eclipse is super potent and special, it is also a hybrid eclipse and only happens 7 times this century. It is happening at the 29th deg of Aries, we just had a new moon in Aries on March 20th at the 0deg mark of Aries. So, when you have two new moons in the same sign in a row it’s called a blue moon. So, the saying “once in a blue moon” is now. There will be a “second show” from the first new moon on March 20th -- so think back to themes that were happening at that time, there will be more to follow on this eclipse. I mentioned the 29th deg, it is the most poignant degree in astrology so this eclipse will not disappoint, it will be huge and pivotal to say the least. Aries doesn’t usually enter quietly. Eclipses bring in endings and new beginnings, this eclipse is also square Pluto, who just entered Aquarius this month, Pluto is Death and rebirth wherever he is in your chart, in society he is now in Aquarius for the next 20 years, as he is a slow mover, but Aquarius rules, for the people, community, friendships, charities, advocacy for the people, technology, advancements in all technological fields, whether that be for the good or not, there will be a battle of whether these technological advancements are good for humanity, therefore look out for advancements in warfare, medical, AI, whether these advancements can be used for criminal activity and what restrictions need to be placed for the good of the people. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of surprises, and out of the box ideas, so there will be many plutonian surprises that appear over the next twenty years, remember Pluto rules death and rebirth, therefore there may be some mistakes by humanity that can bring catastrophic death to industries or humanity that bring forward the need for change. Any resistance will bring a death to that that is resisting, and it will be birthed again in a new way that is best for humanity. Some of the greatest gifts come in really ugly wrapping paper.

There may be some news on some pioneering plutonian subjects, some endings of leaderships that need to happen that have become obsolete. There may be a plutonian over throw by the people for the people where there is bold leadership or agressiveness even if peoples rights are being infringed upon. This might happen via social media or via internet as Aquarius rules the internet, this square is not a true square as the signs are actually signs that usually get along Aquarius and Aries - fire and air, but fire and air can produce quite the flame all the same. Aries is the god of war, and unfortunately the best way out of a recession is war, so it is definitely a possible outcome from these eclipses, relationships are ending that need to end, in your personal life and also in society and globally, so any toxic relationships are coming to an end. When I think of a toxic global relationship, China definitely comes to mind, as they have far too much control over the economy and lack the respect for global peace, however that could also go a surprising new way and they could end their relationship with Russia ?? who knows but there will be a change in leadership happening at global levels and all levels through-out society. This eclipse is very intense energy that has a high potential for aggression, however with mercury retrograde happening on the day after the eclipse, whatever act of aggression happens will be dealt with by strong stable taurean energy, there is again Uranus still in taurus, which is surprising upheavals that are possible. so, expect the unexpected over the next couple of weeks. There is also a strong possibility of tectonic shifts on a geological scale, the earth is also run by the planets and there could be some global shake ups or epic proportions in this type of energy. Not a definite but high potential for sure, in 2004- 2006 and in 2012-2013 the last time the nodes were in Eclipses bring in.

- Radical change - Major news - Major events - Changes in trajectory - New opportunities - Drama - Surprises - Fruition - Brings things into focus in a major way. o Can be subtle = paradigm shift - Major closings/openings - Major endings/beginnings - Accomplishments - Movement along a path in a notable way - Active emotional changes o For better or for worse - Dramatic occurrences - Breath taking amazing new opportunities. - Closures – resolutions - Excitement - Surprise changes - Sometimes eclipses are working on the inner layers and might be harder to track in a tangible way. - Sometimes others experience the crazy around you and you are just holding space for those who are feeling the energies the hardest.


- 2-6 weeks before and after eclipses.


- Physical body

o Weight changes

§ gain or lose or muscle gain.

§ major changes to physical body

o Wellness

§ Breakthrough healing

§ Massive healing

§ Symptom with a problem comes to a solution.

o Illness/injury

§ Major illness

§ Especially of the head, brain, eyes

o Image (self)

§ Break throughs in self esteem

§ Vanity, egotistical

§ Healing how you feel about yourself, confidence.

- Recognition

o leadership

o Thrown out into the limelight.

§ For better or for worse (think Brittany spears shaving her head)

o Name or image put out in a big way.

o All eyes on you

o Working on being seen

- Appearance

o Radical changes to hair, wardrobe, appearance themes

- Identification

o Name changes, gender, professional, widow, divorces, married, how you are identified so changes for instance in king Charles signature will no longer carry “defender of the faith”, Camilla will now be queen, single, retired, mother, stepparent, brother, driver, cancer free, something about how you identify or how you are identified. – or something is identified a company or country.

- War/Independence/Revolution

o Aries is the god of war.

o Has a tendency for aggression.

o Independence will be a major theme globally.

o Changes in leadership or heads of countries

o Changes in leadership of large companies

- Pioneers

o Blazing new trails

o Exploration – think space or AI.

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