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June is astrologically jam packed with adventure, first up is a fire sign full moon @ 13 deg of Sagittarius, followed by an air sign new moon @ 26 deg of Gemini. Plenty of room for adventure, fun and socializing. After an arduous eclipse season this is some very welcomed energy. Saturn is squaring all this fire and air energy with some heavy earth and water meaning… boundaries are going to be an extremely important lesson this entire month.

Full moons are emotional endings of cycles, bringing things to the light to be dealt with.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, a free flowing, flexible fire sign that ignites action and adventure. It is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, a very abundant but also an over-the-top energy. This full moon allows you to think and dream big and see the bigger picture however, it is opposing the sun in Gemini, which rules the details. Think of Sagittarius as the forest and Gemini as the trees. Since this is a double Jupiterian event, the energy will feel larger than life and it is benevolent, expansive, fun, adventurous, and over the top. Sagittarius rules: foreign places and people, long distance travel, legal matters, the justice system. It rules over higher learning, spirituality/religion, belief systems, teaching, philosophy, publishing, and adventure.

Sag is a very blunt energy, blurting out inappropriate things, possibly bringing forth some truths that you don’t want to hear, truths that you don’t want to acknowledge to yourself. Sometimes Sagittarius energy can be too much fun, over zealous, fanatical energy that doesn’t always consider all the details or people involved. Sag energies expressed negatively, can be quite self-centred, lack-self-discipline, reckless, over-confident and very blunt. This energy can also “make a mountain out of a mole hill” so to say, when challenging belief systems or religious issues come into play. Stepping away from inflammatory subject matters during these full moon energies is probably the best course of action. You may be forced to or feel obligated to implement boundaries on those that are inflicting their belief systems on you.

The sun in Gemini is opposing this full moon. Gemini rules mobility, communication, transportation, internet, short distance travel, contracts, siblings, cousins, grandparents, neighbours. This energy can certainly be a source of introspection of your own boundaries regarding the internet, belief systems, family, neighbours, communications and how you communicate in general.

Mercury is now clear of its retrograde, eclipse season is now in the past, although we may be still cleaning up the mess from eclipse seasons major trajectory shifts, socializing and having some much-needed fun is on the menu for this full moon. The mercury retrograde was in Taurus and really went over your values and how you value yourself. It showed you who values you and where boundaries are needed. The caveat to this whole astrological month, the full moon and the new moon is boundaries! Make sure to review the fine print, review safety concerns and keep a responsible note to the fun that’s on the table. A fun family gathering, or neighbourhood party that requires boundaries, such as noise, garbage on the lawn, things that get discussed, emotional dumping, maybe drinking if you are practicing sobriety, anything fun or an event done in excess without responsibility has the potential to come with a high price tag. Such as having a fun backyard fire to roast marshmallows with the fam jam while a good percentage of your province has been burning to the ground for 5 days…$25000 price tag to be exact. #dontstartanymorewildfiresnovascotia.

There is a challenge with Saturn this full moon, a challenge that will be with us for the whole first half of the month. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, boundaries, and restrictions, so while fun and adventure is favoured, due diligence is expected. Jupiter is in Taurus, which is a very solid stubborn earth sign that is bringing excess to money, values, and self-worth. Be very careful when having too much fun, as this energy could have you spending a lot of money and waking up a few days later with a very large visa bill and some even bigger regrets. Jupiter is in Taurus the planet of money and love, you could also have a little too much fun drinking and maybe wake up next to a new lover. There is a component with the internet/online and maybe some over the top rants on social media, or pictures that shouldn’t be posted. Heed Saturn’s energy and have fun responsibly, Saturn is a planet that loves to dole out hard life lessons, these lessons can be very challenging, very costly with very real consequences.

Saturn is in the sign of Pisces right now. The planet (Saturn) of boundaries and restrictions is transiting the sign (Pisces) of a boundaryless abyss. Pisces is the opposite energy of Saturn as it literally has no boundaries. Saturn is not comfortable here and can feel quite hostile trying to find stability where there is none to be found. The lessons may feel like walls that appear out of nowhere. There could be something or someone hidden in plain sight that can be your undoing, a hidden expense that you weren’t expecting, Pisces is the house of secrets and things hidden. You may feel like you do not have the ability to set boundaries, or you do not know exactly where they should be placed, or if they should be placed at all. This energy can be very disorienting…especially if drinking or doing mind altering substances…especially in excess.

Saturn is trying to bring structure to the ocean of our subconscious. He is trying to make dreams in the subconscious become a reality in the material world and yet they feel like they have no foundation to build on.

A tricky little kiss between Venus and Neptune, can bring romance and emotional vulnerability to the mix, however with Neptune (who is also ruled by Pisces) involved, all may not be as it seems. Two days after this full moon, June 6th, Venus changes signs into Leo and forms a direct opposition with Pluto. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, this planet takes no prisoners, making for some very quick transformations in love and money for better or for worse. Venus in Leo can bring in grand gestures of love and big purchases. This can be really positive energy, but it can also be love bombing, unwanted attention, maybe a financial/lovers quarrel that is intense. Pluto is intense and almost always transformative, again for better or for worse.

Once Venus enters Leo, she begins her 5-month trek in the sign of Leo. This is a very extended stay in this sign due to her retrograde which begins in July. The topics and events that start to take place now are whispers of what will be present and up for review over the Venus retrograde, which is sure to be passionately driven.

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