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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 21st thru May 15th, 2023. Shadow period runs April 7th thru June 1st. WHAT IS A RETROGRADE? When a planet appears to be moving backwards from earths perspective, the planet is said to be stationed retrograde. o Planets are moving forward around the 360deg of earth, that 360deg is cut into the 12 signs @ 30 deg each. This retrograde is happening with the planet Mercury in the sign of Taurus. The planet will be stationing retrograde @ 15deg of Taurus on April 21st and going in backwards motion to 5deg of Taurus, stationing direct on May 15th. The shadow periods are when the planets enter the retrograde zone for the first pass over before stationing retrograde called the pre-shadow and the post shadow when it goes back for its final pass once stationed direct. This is why they say bad luck comes in 3’s, its mostly likely a retrograde and if it hits one of your planets during its back-and-forth transit. So, it’s prudent to pay attention to themes that come up during the pre-shadow phase for hints on what is going to take place in the retrograde. MERCURY o Mercury is the planet that is going retrograde, this is the planet of communication, mobility, and transportation. It is the planet that rules the internet, emails, text messages, social media, modes of transportation, short distance travel, your physical mobility, it also rules, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and grandparents, all extended family. - Mercury rules communication and transportation and mobility

- Movement - Relatives (not kids or parents) - Communications - Interpersonal - Devices - Systems - Transportation/mobility - Modes/physical - Writing and editing - Driving - Walking - Mobility

o Universe will want to bring up old problems from the past.

o Can bring things back to us from the past, Things from the past take more importance right now.

o There could be news and communication on all these fronts, however, be aware there could be issues with all these things, so check your emails for mistakes, make sure they are addressed to right people, text messages to right people, or don’t text and drink, do not text and drive at this time, be more cautious of what you put on social media or you might end up in Facebook jail, or someone sees and gets upset, you might have vehicle issues, or traffic issues within a city, be careful with your body, you may twist your ankle, check in on family members, or you might get news regarding an extended family member.


- Mercury is in the sign of Taurus for this retrograde, so we can also add in all things Taurean that can go awry.

- Taurus rules, how we make money, finances, so our pay might be up for review, our values maybe called in to question or people will test your value system, sustainability, love, beauty, how we feel about ourselves, our self-worthiness, building projects, gardening projects, comfort foods, and creature comforts, stubborn attitudes.

- Peoples mind may be set in stone and hard to sway, nose to the grindstone work ethic, all work no play, and this period could feel like it’s moving very slowly and you’re trudging through mud. There is a caveat to it being slow, hard work, there is an aspect with Uranus, and that can bring in some shocking surprises that might feel very fast, but it will be like an earthquake, super-fast and shocking but over quickly and slow again.

All this energy can hit you at work, home, in your love life, with kids, extended family, daily routine, dreams, relationships, friendships, your physical body, it depends where it is affecting you in your chart.


- The energy of a retrograde can be challenging, especially if you are trying to move forward. If you are trying to push an idea, or make a big decision, get people moving to do something new, motivate people you will have to be a little creative because moving forward is not going to be easy and it will be an uphill battle.

- The retrograde is very much like the tides of the ocean, you want to launch your message in a bottle when the tides are going out, when the retrograde is in effect the tides are coming in, so launching things will prove to be difficult.

- Another analogy is to be the spider, you have spun your web and the retrograde energy is the time to see what comes to you, so try and keep a light schedule as you will have many cancelations and rescheduling, everything on your flex will change, and being flexible is the best way forward in this energy, being rigid is going to cause major frustrations. If you keep your schedule light you can see what shows up in your web, retrogrades can bring in some magical opportunities of your open to receive.

- If you pay attention to the people around you, those that are getting frustrated are not using the energy in the most productive way.

- You should review and yet take no action until planets are moving direct again, so weigh out all your options, but do not sign any contracts or make verbal agreements, there are pieces to the puzzle that have not shown themselves yet, wait to take action.

- Mercury retrograde happens 3 times a year, and it’s a quarterly check in, it’s a time to go to the past, shore up loose ends, go over old ideas, go back to a way things were done before, I have noticed that even re-running an old series or an old movie goes over better than a new one. It is a time when you can review, anything with RE- in front of it is well aspected and you will have good supporting energy. Review your value system, is it still working for you, review your pay and decide on a budget, review your plans to build, clear out old emails and clutter, clean out your office rearrange your schedule to make more time for you or your gym routine. Rework an old idea or project, bring back things from that past that were comfortable. Right now, it is not well aspected, to get a new haircut from someone you have never met before, date someone you have never met before, if you go somewhere, you have never been before, ensure that there are buses or Ubers running, as mercury rules transportation there could be issues in this area now. Example, my mother is going to Paris during this time-period, and there are mass transportation issues due to government workers walking off the job in protest to the rise in pensionable age, financial.

- Now is not the best time to sign contracts or make big purchases, there could be hidden issues, best to wait for the retrograde to pass and by the end you may decide there is something better, it’s not the best time for anything new best to wait. If you do make sure you check over everything, mistakes are easily made right now, and being in taurus ruling finances, these mistakes could be costly.

- Think before you speak, give criticism carefully, people are very sensitive and the potential for miscommunication is high. Stay positive and don’t get caught up in guilt from the past. Mercury retrograde is a time when things are getting put back into alignment so try and see the bigger picture. there is one… the cosmic cheque book is just being balanced and it can be uncomfortable if you owe.

- Mercury retrograde is asking you to slow down, not stop, just slow down and learn ways to approach old problems, sometimes the stress in our minds create mountains, when we slow down and must figure out another way, we find a secret path to the other side.

- Mercury retrograde is a great time for last minute ideas, solutions, plans. It is a good time to clear out old thought patterns, belief systems that need updating, clear out paperwork that has been plaguing you get done, clean out an old locker, closet, or room, you might find some treasure in some old boxes you have been meaning to go through. Finish and fine tune old projects, check in on an old friend. This is also the time when ex’s or old friends may reach out, this is not to say you need to act, maybe they need closure, or you do.

- This may be a time when you here news about people from your past, or randomly run into someone from your childhood, or one gets in touch via social media. This might be a time you empty a closet from a pass on loved one or get rid of old memorabilia that is no longer serving you or has become obsolete in your current world. You might find that ring you lost 6 months ago or find something worth money while cleaning out the garage or attic. Taurus rules love, beauty, and money, so any of these things from the past are on the table, not that they will all be involved but a higher probability in those venues.

- Money from the past is on the table, so a pay review, or someone owes you money and decides to give it to you, a raise you didn’t even know it was coming or you did know and now is the payout. Earth signs and earth placements are going to get extra special treatment from this retrograde. While Leo’s, Aquarius, and Scorpios are going feel this the hardest. So, try and be mindful that while you may get a windfall, your neighbour may be getting a bill or vs versa.

The last thing about this retrograde is that it comes hours after a very intense eclipse in Aries and there will be an eclipse in Scorpio on may 7th in the heart of the retrograde, just to add some extra frustrations, So it could be extremely chaotic and you might feel very stuck and unable to do anything about it until the energy goes direct in mid to end May.

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