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Updated: May 2, 2023


We are still in the thick of Mercury retrograde. Slow, bogged down, heavy energy that makes us feel like we are stuck with no movement forward. If you try and move forward it’s going to feel like spinning your tires in the mud, you will just make a mess, dig deeper and possibly blow your engine. Communications and technology are still muddled, take this time to go over old paperwork and review emails and text messages carefully. Double check all contracts and important documents that need to be signed there is high potential for costly mistakes at this time. Mercury is going to highlight things that need to be polished, now is not the time for launching new things, more information is going to come forward with this eclipse. Review how you want to move forward. Go over old soil, the energies are supporting reviewing old projects, wrapping up things from the past, use this period to rest, review and plan.

The energies coming in at the end of May are going to be fast moving again. Enjoy this period of rest, and

*Earth signs are going to deal with this slow period much better than the other signs, as they are getting some extra gifts from the planets during this time. Just remember that others are not doing so good, and the tension is actually very high as some people don’t do well in this energy.


May 1st is a potent little day, Mercury is a cazimi the sun, that means that while there has been a lot of sluggish movement in this retrograde. There might come a moment of clarity today, on many levels, so listen to your intuition. A quiet voice might lend itself to a larger picture down the road. There might be clarity or movement in a direction if you have been stuck on what the next move should be.


May 1st Pluto also turns retrograde, it entered the sign of Aquarius on March 23 for the first time in 200 years. Look back to March 23, what themes were coming up in your world? What themes were present on in the Global theatre. Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, ruled by the sign of Scorpio (see below for Scorpio themes).

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn for last 15 years, bringing massive changes to old structures, tearing them down to be rebuilt on new foundations. Uprooting old mentalities within society, governments, health care, banking, any old, outdated beliefs in industry have been upended by Pluto; sexual harassment, the “me too” movement, black lives matter, abortions laws, financial secrets, misuse of funds, abusive of power, gender identity are all ruled by Pluto. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn on Jun 11th, expect some more secrets to be exposed. Leaders of countries and industries will be brought to task, think; Bill Cosby, Prince Andrew, Donald trump, etc., all highlighting much needed change within people and structures of power.


May 5th there is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. This is the last one in this series of eclipses that began in November of 2021. Think back to that time and the themes that have been ongoing, this is the last deep Scorpio lunar eclipse.

Eclipses bring drama and secrets into light, things are that need to be healed or removed from your life. Lunar eclipses are highly emotional, especially those in the sign of Scorpio.

Since this eclipse is happening in a retrograde it will be a slow bleed, lots of action as many planets are opposing this eclipse in Taurus. Taurus rules our self-worth, so this eclipse is asking you to review your values and value the self above all else. Self-respect is key to this lunation, Scorpio and Pluto will bring those who misuse their power to their knees for death and transformation. This can be felt internally or with the help of outside forces if you are not willing to take responsibility, Pluto always wins so it’s best to allow the energies to take you where they want to go, fighting is futile and will only hurt more.

There is the potential for deep healing if you can get out of your head and self-reflect. Emotions will be running high, and it will not be surface issues that are needing to be addressed. Pay attention to the people around you, they might be emotionally driven and say things that they don’t mean. This is a time to think before you speak and be mindful of the shift that everyone is going through on a personal level, a community level and global events. If you did not learn the lessons that this Scorpio/Taurus eclipse series was trying to teach you, you could get a big eye-opening slap in the face to turn you around. If you did the work then you may be rewarded handsomely.

Scorpio is death and rebirth; it wants you to rise from the ashes after facing the death of things that were no longer serving you. This can be a person, a place, a behaviour, a belief system, a habit, etc.


Other people’s money

Shared money, familial, Spousal, their income, their work, their family, collaboration, capital, new loans/current and perspective loans, credit card debt, taxes, tax bill or rebate.


Sexual realm, endings of intimate relationships, breakthroughs in intimacy, new partners and new experiences

your energy VS their energy, your money VS their money, emotional patterning that creates your reality = codependency VS interdependency.


How other people are using power, how you are using power? people not using power in the right way, people in power using their power and influence to help people.


Understanding the human mind and how it works, employment in these areas, psychology of money, investments, cryptocurrency, new chapters in finances or investments, parapsychology, everything is spirit, metaphysics, astrology, tarot, esoteric, break throughs of being a new teaching in these realms.


Solving a mystery, having a new mystery, having mysterious circumstances, writing a mystery book/reading, marriages where your money is combined, divorced where money is separated, people passing away, people talking about wills, honouring you in a will, topic of your will, pairing and merging of resources on any level,

Lotto wins, major luck in money or surprise expenses.

Themes In these areas can come to the forefront, and possibly in multiple layers.

Some people will be going through a rough time with this eclipse, money, sex power and trauma are highly volatile subjects, and it boils down to survival instincts kicking into high gear. Some may fair out better than others, this all depends on how the eclipse is hitting your personal chart, lunar eclipses are usually emotionally felt as the moon is heavily involved. The moon coupled in another water sign like Scorpio its highly unlikely that anyone is getting out of it unscathed.

The best was forward is to feel deeply whatever is being brought up to be healed and accept that you cannot control the situations that arise. If you try and control you will lose, Scorpio is asking you to feel the death of something and let go, so that you can rise up again brand new with a new perspective, person, belief, behaviour, habit, place, etc. What is it that you need to let go of? Ask yourself are you blaming others for your misfortunes? Are you judging others? When you should be looking in the mirror. How are you using your power? What are your views on money? Are you holding on to something that is stopping you from growing? if it’s not for your greater good it will be eclipsed from your life.

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